I love traveling and taking photos while traveling, and I wish I could post the photos I take (the best ones, or the ones that I find interesting) here. But it seems so hard to do that. While traveling, I feel that I don’t have enough time to write an article about it, or the photos need to be reviewed in order to be posted. And after I get home, it’s always so hard to get started.

This article can be considered the starting of a travel blog. Or a travel section on my blog. What I’m planning to do is write some articles about places I’ve been prior to writing this:

  • Bucharest with brand new Olympus F8 Fisheye Lens-Cap Fisheye, HDR, Bucharest and Carrot Cake
  • Berlin with my coworkers
  • Keukenhof, Amsterdam, the most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen so far
  • Istanbul, the craziest travel experience

If you visit this page and the above list items are not URLs, please leave a comment about it. Maybe this will make me write more often.

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