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First time flying & barely walking to Amsterdam Red Light District

First time flying can be a frightening experience, but it shouldn’t and it won’t, especially if at the end of the flight you get to visit Amsterdam.. This happened in 2013, so, you can consider it an old story, but I’m 99% certain that all the links and data in this article are still useful.

First time flying

Yep, lots of research was done on the subject. Here’s a “short” list from what I remember: Continue reading

How my city and Romania got enlarged overnight

Well, not actually overnight, but it’s pretty impressive.
I wasn’t planning on writing this kind of things on my website, but since I’m sure it’s an historic moment for Romania, I wouldn’t want this to be lost in my list of timewasting Facebook posts.

Short story: Constanta is the single county in Romania on the seaside where tourism is possible (there’s also Tulcea, but that’s where the Danube Delta is, so.. everything should remain wild there) Continue reading