Well, not actually overnight, but it’s pretty impressive.
I wasn’t planning on writing this kind of things on my website, but since I’m sure it’s an historic moment for Romania, I wouldn’t want this to be lost in my list of timewasting Facebook posts.

Short story: Constanta is the single county in Romania on the seaside where tourism is possible (there’s also Tulcea, but that’s where the Danube Delta is, so.. everything should remain wild there)

Problem: Beaches where loosing ground to the Black Sea

Solution: The Dutch company Van Oord (those are the guys that built the famous islands in Dubai) was hired to excavate 3 million cubic meters of sand from the bottom of the sea and create 33 hectares (330000 Sq. meters) of beaches

Price: 170 million Euros, money guaranteed by the EU (considering that a 37km highway is >500 million Euros in Romania, that’s pretty cheap!)

Time to complete: Well, planning started in 2013, but the actual enlargement of the beaches took only ~2 months

Future: Do the same for another 24km of beaches on the Romanian seaside. YooHoo!! (LE: watch the long version of the Romanian beach extension)

Watch the amazing video by DroneFotoTexel!

LE: Claboo Media‘s before and after

Enlargment of Constanta beaches

Before – photo by Claboo Media

Enlargement of beach - Van Oord

After – photo by Claboo Media

enlargment of romanian beach

Before – photo by Visit Mamaia

Romanian beach gets enlarged by van oord

After – photo by Visit Mamaia

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