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One Day Trip To Keukenhof: The Most Beautiful Garden In The World

I discovered Keukenhof accidentally by searching “tulips” or “flowers” on Google Images. From the first moment I saw that the place was real, I put it on my travel list, in top 3.
The chance to visit appeared in 2015, when the company I worked for back then organized an European Meetup in Berlin that was ending on 27th April. I bought return fly tickets from Romania to Berlin, and return fly tickets (same day) from Berlin to Amsterdam (it’s always cheaper buying return tickets than one-way).
I got a $40 burn because I didn’t know Berlin had two large airports (Tegel and Schönefeld – used mainly for low cost flights) and when I bought the Amsterdam tickets I left only 2 hours between the landing from Amsterdam to the flight leaving to Romania. Asked for some helped on the tripadvisor forum and decided that I need to change the tickets, and book an extra night at a hotel in Berlin, as it is way cheaper than staying in Amsterdam. Continue reading

Any travel photography video tutorial that brings up Romania is a great video

Especially if it’s a featured B&H travel photography video tutorial.
Even more if the section dedicated to travel photography in Romania lasts 3 minutes and has multiple examples.
And to be super awesome, the photographer doing the talk says Romania is one of the places where he likes to bring his travel group to.

Thank you Ralph Velasco for promoting Romania for its beauty.

Photo in the header is shot by me, in Obreja, Caras-Severin, near the Romanian Tunnel of Love. Google Maps URL:,22.2825088,1250m/data=!3m1!1e3

First time flying & barely walking to Amsterdam Red Light District

First time flying can be a frightening experience, but it shouldn’t and it won’t, especially if at the end of the flight you get to visit Amsterdam.. This happened in 2013, so, you can consider it an old story, but I’m 99% certain that all the links and data in this article are still useful.

First time flying

Yep, lots of research was done on the subject. Here’s a “short” list from what I remember: Continue reading

How my city and Romania got enlarged overnight

Well, not actually overnight, but it’s pretty impressive.
I wasn’t planning on writing this kind of things on my website, but since I’m sure it’s an historic moment for Romania, I wouldn’t want this to be lost in my list of timewasting Facebook posts.

Short story: Constanta is the single county in Romania on the seaside where tourism is possible (there’s also Tulcea, but that’s where the Danube Delta is, so.. everything should remain wild there) Continue reading

My Slow Start To Blogging About Travel

I love traveling and taking photos while traveling, and I wish I could post the photos I take (the best ones, or the ones that I find interesting) here. But it seems so hard to do that. While traveling, I feel that I don’t have enough time to write an article about it, or the photos need to be reviewed in order to be posted. And after I get home, it’s always so hard to get started.

This article can be considered the starting of a travel blog. Or a travel section on my blog. What I’m planning to do is write some articles about places I’ve been prior to writing this: Continue reading