This post was meant to be an Olympus 9mm Fisheye Lens-Cap review, but you can read about it in tons of places, like: photographyblog, robin wong – I highly recommend his blog for micro 4/3 and Olympus fans, photozone or ephotozine. So, the post will be more of a sample gallery of what you can do with the lens and some HDR post-processing.

I bought my 9mm lens-cap while visiting F64‘s store for the first time because I had to waste some time in Bucharest before getting to my friend Cristi’s birthday. The plan was to surprise him, plotting everything with Alexandra, his girlfriend.. Fortunately he’s a lazy ass and wouldn’t get out of the house, which led me to visiting this store and buying the lens. Damn, it’s expensive to have lazy friends (well, not that expensive.. the lens cap is one of the cheapest lenses made by Olympus).

Below you can see some photos that I took during my stay in Bucharest that weekend.. Those are HDR made from 5 shots: -2,-1,0,1,2 EV, merged with Photomatix and edited in Photoshop and Lightroom.

The lens is pretty fun, not great optics, but the F8 is just ok for outside photography in the daylight. As you can see, it’s also great for indoor shots, as long as you can put the camera (btw, I used Olympus E-PL3 for this) on a tripod or somewhere steady (I took the shot in the library by resting the camera on the stairs edge). And being a lens cap is really really useful for travel.

You can buy the lens cap from

Oh, yeah, and the carrot cake in the title refers to the one that Alexandra made.. She should start a business.


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